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Addressing Mold Program

Addressing Mold Program

This package is designed for those whose health has been negatively impacted by exposure to toxic mold or water damaged buildings. The package includes testing for the presence of mycotoxins as well as assessing urine metabolites of over 70 markers. The program also focuses on limbic rewiring which is an imperative part of healing from mold. This package includes:

- Real Time Laboratory Urine Mycotoxin testing
- Great Plains Laboratory Organic Acids Test
- 1 year membership to Gupta Brain Retraining Program

- Complimentary discovery call where we decide if working together is a fit.
- 60-minute in-depth consultation where we gather your medical history, clinical picture, family data and goals.
- Ordering and interpretation of two (2) functional lab tests (Includes $1169 in lab/program fees)
- 90-minute results and recommendations session to go over lab results and discuss personalized wellness program.
- Six (6) 60-minute follow up appointments

Please note: This package does not include the cost of supplements.

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