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Comprehensive Program

Comprehensive Program

This is our signature package and includes all five foundational labs which gives your practitioner the most comprehensive look into your whole- health. The testing includes:

- Mucosal Barrier Assessment
- Dutch Complete
- GI-MAP stool screen
- Metabolic Wellness Profile
- MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

- Complimentary discovery call where we decide if working together is a fit.
- 90-minute in-depth consultation where we gather your medical history, clinical picture, family data and goals.
- Ordering and interpretation of five (5) functional lab tests (includes $1400 screening fees)
- 90-minute results and recommendations session to go over lab results and discuss personalized wellness program.
- Five (5) 50-minute coaching and support sessions to help stay accountable to lifestyle changes and tweak program recommendations.

If you or your spouse serves in the Armed Forces, please let us know so we can apply a 10 percent discount to the practitioner fees in this package.

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