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Functional Lab Screening and Review

Functional Lab Screening and Review

Ordering and interpretation of one functional lab screening.

A private, 30-minute test analysis consult.

*Please note - All Functional Lab Screening costs are additional and vary based on test.

Investment: We believe that everyone should have access to Functional Healthcare and testing regardless of financial status. For this reason, we offer this service to everyone free of charge. We happily accept gratuity for our donated time.

How it works:

Step one: Fill out our contact form or schedule a Discovery Call via our website.

Step two: Complete a quick 15-minute call with our provider or coordinate via email so that we may determine which labs are right for you.

Step Three: You will receive an email from Rupa Health with your lab recommendation where you will enter your payment information to pay for the lab and any applicable fees.

Step Four: Once the results are in you will be contacted and a 30-minute interpretation consultation will be scheduled via phone.

Step Five: You will receive a supplement protocol recommendation from our Fullscript account based off test results. All recommended supplements will be offered at 15% off MSRP price.

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